Our desire is to see hope restored in the lives of vulnerable children and in communities suffering from HIV/AIDS.
We work with dedication to give a better future to children in different districts of Uganda through education, medical assistance, providing a safe place and an adequate nutrition. This work is only the practical part of what we want to convey to all the children, young people and adults with whom we work: the love of Jesus Christ.



the capacity of communities to provide support, protection and assistance through a holistic approach to improving the well-being of the OVC.


a better access to education and psycho-social well-being for marginalised children and young people.


HIV counselling services, antibody testing and HIV-related medical services for people interested in learning about their status.


accurate information on HIV/AIDS and STI to promote and support change among people in the Rakai district in order to curb the further spread of the disease.


the implementation and effectiveness of the efforts of community health workers (CHW) /VHT, HIV/AIDS counsellors and peer educators) and education strategies on high-risk behaviours in the community using assessment methods.


women in taking care of their basic health needs and access to quality reproductive health services through the provision of community-based reproductive health services.


the capacity of ROHP as an organisation to plan, organize, coordinate and effectively monitor the complex and diverse activities of a rapidly growing institution.


the capacities of community-based organisations (Cbos) in project management skills and to improve their capacity to implement them.