Treatment and prevention program for HIV / AIDS and other diseases

This program is a practical aid to women who are victims of abuse or who are forced into prostitution. The program provides a professional training course within a safe center where they have the opportunity to learn professions that will give them the opportunity to find a job to support themselves. These activities allow them to stay away from the streets on a daily basis and be protected inside a safe place with their children.

Sponsorship program for orphans and vulnerable children

82 children are registered within the program which provides constant assistance and medical care, support for school fees and expenses, advice and legal protection. At the end of each quarter the children meet for two special days where Christian teaching is given, they have the opportunity to play freely and to have a full meal. The 21 tutors of the children are also supported within this program. Thanks to ROHP, they have the opportunity to receive assistance and medical care, food, advice and legal protection also thanks to the help they give to these children.